Bracket Back Plate

Bracket Back Plate

Our Bracket back plates finish off any handrail bracket in style. These plates will give you sturdy fixing for the bracket and also move the handrail further away from the wall. Available in Walnut or Oak, they add that special finishing touch.


Timber   OAK, PINE OR WALNUT, other materials available please call for specific requirements.

Fixing plate diameter = 100 mm

Plate thickness = 18mm

How many brackets will I need?  There is no official rule, but it’s usual to have a bracket no more than one  meter apart, it is often better to space them equally and with a smaller 300mm (12″) space from the end to the first bracket  :

so as a rough guide :

for a 3600mm Handrail you would need 4 no with  maximum 1000mm spacing,

for a 3000mm Handrail you would need 4 no. with a 800mm spacing,

for a 2400mm Handrail you would need 3 no. with a 900mm spacing.

You could of course add more brackets if you feel you need more.

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Walnut, Oak, Pine


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