Bullnose Cap

Bullnose Cap

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Bullnose Newel Square Caps to match our special sizes, suitable for post sizes 140, 120, 117,115, 90, 85, 80, 75 and 70mm for additional sizes please call 01787 475456. These caps come in Pine, Oak ready to be finished in the coating of your choice or white primed base coat ready for painting. Please note these are NOT rebated.

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These are Bullnose caps are suitable for our post sizes 140 to 70, please note they are not rebated, for other sizes please call 01787 475456.




For additional timbers please call 01787 475456

Height  27mm

Widths suitable for post sizes 140, 120, 117, 115, 90, 85 80, 75 , 70 and 180 x 90mm (for double posts).


Pine, ready for staining, waxing, lacquering or painting

Oak ready for staining, waxing, lacquering.

Primed, white base coat, ready for top coat painting

Additional information

Full or Half Cap

Full Cap, Half Cap


Oak, Pine, Primed

Post Square Section Size

180 x 90mm, 140mm, 120mm, 117mm, 115mm, 95mm, 90mm, 85mm, 80 mm, 75mm, 70 mm


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